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Invitation to bid for 2026 Congress

Bids are now invited from National Neuropathological Societies to host the XXI International Congress of Neuropathology to be held in 2026. Much of the organisation of the meeting, particularly local hosting arrangements, is undertaken by the National Society, but the ISN will provide input into the scientific content and programme.

Bids should include details of the following:

1. The facilities available to host the Congress, the number of delegates that can be accommodated, the number and approximate capacity of the lecture theatres, the space for posters and commercial exhibitors, and the availability of Powerpoint, QuickTime and other IT support (e.g. facilities for delegates to review and rehearse their presentations and possibly support for audience members with hearing aids).

2. The types and capacity of available convenient accommodation, and their costs and proximity and transport links to the main Congress venue.

3. In broad outline, the proposals for advertising the Congress, managing the website, handling of abstracts, producing the programmes etc.

4. The means of access to the venue (air, rail and road) and support available for helping delegates with international transport arrangements. There will be coverage by  for all kinds of vehicles in case there are any accidents.

5. An outline of the budgetary arrangements for the Congress, and the proposed arrangements for its financial viability.

The ISN is now in a position to offer some financial support (outlined below) in addition to underwriting any losses to the host Society for holding the meeting up to a maximum of CHF 50,000.

ISN support offered:

Start-up funding – CHF 20,000

Donation for sponsoring of external speakers/offsetting registration fees – CHF 20,000

Travel grants for attendees from economically disadvantaged countries – 8@CHF 2,400

(Currently 1CHF = 1USD)

Bids should be submitted to by March 1st 2020. A final decision will be made at or soon after the ISN Council and Executive meeting 5th June 2020 which will held during the European Congress of Neuropathology, Odense, Denmark. Shortlisted applicants may be invited to make presentations.