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3rd International Congress of Neuropathology 1957


21st – 28th July 1957

La Grand-Place de Bruxelles

Brussels, Belgium


Meeting topics:

  • Sub-cortical and temporal epilepsy
  • Extrapyramidal pathology
  • States of consciousness of neurology
  • Multiple sclerosis and demyelinating diseases
  • The interpretation of normal and pathological muscle potentials
  • Therapeutic applications of hypothermia
  • Pathology of demyelinating diseases
  • Stereotaxic methods
  • Ontogenic evolution of the electronencephalogram in human and animals
  • Electroencephalographic abnormalities in human and animals
  • Pathology of ionizing radiations
  • Supratentorial angiomas
  • Pathogenesis and clinical aspects of petit mal epilepsy
  • Electroencephalographic study of conditioning
  • Cytology of the nerve cell
  • Neurology at the crossroads


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