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Postponement of XX International Congress of Neuropathology

ICN Berlin postponement to 2023



Thank you to all colleagues around the globe who have been sharing their expertise and ideas as to how best we might contribute to efforts to understand the neurological complications of COVID-19.

As listed below, neuropathologists in a number of centres have received brains from patients with COVID-19 and have agreed to be contacted by researchers interested in obtaining tissue for analysis.


Essential Brain Anatomy and Neuropathology

We are pleased to introduce you to a free online e-learning site, Essential Brain Anatomy and Neuropathology (EBA&N). The site has been developed by Professor Nobutaka Arai and colleagues at the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science and provides educational material relating to basic CNS anatomy, histology and neuropathology, including brain cutting videos and virtual slides. In order to access the full content you will need to complete a basic registration form.

Links to upcoming meetings

Here is a series of links to national and international neuropathology meetings – please contact if you have a meeting that you would like added to the list.


cIMPACT-NOW (important updates available)

cIMPACT-NOW (the Consortium to Inform Molecular and Practical Approaches to CNS Tumor Taxonomy) was created under the sponsorship of the International Society of Neuropathology in late 2016—following publication of the 2016 Updated 4th Edition of the World Health Organization (WHO) Classification of Tumours of the Central Nervous System “blue book”—to provide a forum to evaluate and recommend proposed changes to future CNS tumor classifications. While it is understood that the major impact on international brain tumor classification comes about through the WHO classification update process (cIMPACT-NOW is “Not Official WHO”), it has been hoped that this additional process will “see impact” in selected tumor types and in periods between the WHO classification updates. Thus, cIMPACT-NOW updates are not intended to supplant the existing WHO classification, but to provide possible guidelines for practicing diagnosticians and future WHO classification updates.  More information on cIMPACT-NOW can be found in the following publications:


Invitation to bid for 2027 Congress

Bids are now invited bids from National Neuropathological Societies to host the XXI International Congress of Neuropathology to be held in 2027. Much of the organisation of the meeting, particularly local hosting arrangements, is undertaken by the member Society, but the ISN will provide input into the scientific content and approve the final programme.