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10th International Congress of Neuropathology 1986

Stockholm Sweden Panorama

7th – 12th September 1986
Folkets Hus Congress Center
Stockholm, Sweden

Symposia and workshops

  • Pathobiology of the axon
    Chairman: S. Waxman, USA

  • Neurotransmitters and receptors in health and disease
    Chairman: A. Dahlstrom, Sweden; Y. Agid, France

  • Inergy crisis in the brain. Causes and consequences
    Chairman: F. Plum, USA

  • Viral infections of the nervous systen
    Chairman: R. T. Johnson, USA

  • FocaI cortical dysplasia and epilepsy
    Chairman: I. Janota, England

  • Amino acids and cytotoxicity
    Chairman: J. Storm-Mathisen, Norway

  • Reactions and functions of glial cells
    Chairmen: G. I. Xreutzberg, FRG, S.K. Ludwin, Canada

  • Spontaneous and experimental gliomas in the rat
    Chairmen: A.0. Dayan, England; D.D. Bigner, USA

  • Monoclonal antibodies in neuro-oncology
    Chairman: D.D. Bigner, USA

  • Changes in the CNS following injury to sensory peripheral nerves
    Chairman: G. Grant, Sweden


Plenary lectures

  • Melitta Schachner, FRG: cell surfaces and nervous system development

  • A.E.H. Emery, Great Britain: Recombinant DNA and neurologic disease

  • S.B. Prusiner, USA: Biology and neuropathology of prions

  • L.J. Rubinstein, USA: Immunomorphologic markers in nervous system tumors


Documents from the ISN Archive:

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ICN Programme

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