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Cases of the month archive

June 1997 42-year-old man with left facial weakness
May 1997 31-year-old woman with seizures, fatigue and attention deficits
April 1997 32-year-old man with mental status changes and a severe occipital headache
March 1997 4-year-old girl with ring chromosome 22 and brain tumor
February 1997 9-year-old girl with nausea, vomiting and hydrocephalus
January 1997 7-year-old girl with seizures
December 1996 22-month-old girl with a cervicomedullary mass
November 1996 Premature baby with lethargy and coma
October 1996 51-year-old woman with new rapidly progressive weakness
September 1996 44-year-old woman with new brain lesion
August 1996 11-year-old girl with frontal lobe tumor
July 1996 Precocious Puberty
June 1996 Anorexia Nervosa
May 1996 Hydrocephalus in a 9-month-old infant
April 1996 Pituitary Tumor
August 2001 Sellar/suprasellar mass in a 59-year-old woman
July 2001 A 58-year-old man with a temporal bone mass
June 2001 A 61-year-old female with progressive confusion lethargy and headaches
May 2001 A 32-year-old female with dural mass encircling cervical spinal cord
April 2001 A 70-year–old woman with gait disorders
March 2001 A 16-year-old female with a cerebellar mass
February 2001 A 74-year-old man with a history over 3 months of increasing dyspnea and malaise
January 2001 A 37-year-old man with a history of Hodgkin’s disease
December 2000 A 16-month-old boy with 2-week history of progressive lethargy
November 2000 A 13-year-old girl with back pain and leg weakness
October 2000 A 47-year-old man with long-standing progressive tetraparesis
September 2000 A 15-year-old girl with parietal lobe lesion
August 2000 Two patients with putamen and white matter necrosis and hemorrhage
July 2000 A 70-year-old male with rigidity, decreased ocular movements, and dementia
June 2000 A 68-year-old woman with a history of progressive hearing loss
May 2000 A 35-year-old male with a left temporal lobe mass
April 2000 A 43-year-old male with generalized epileptic seizures
March 2000 A 5-month-old boy with occipital bone mass
February 2000 Dementia with motor dysfunction in a patient with liver disease
January 2000 A 12-year-old boy with recent onset seizures
December 1999 A 71-year-old woman with progressive sensori-motor polyneuropathy
November 1999 A 56-year-old woman with left facial numbness
October 1999 A 70-year-old female with seizures and progressive dementia
September 1999 A 24-year-old female with progressive lower extremity dystonia, dysarthia, dysphagia and mental impairment
August 1999 A 49-year-old woman with visual disturbances
July 1999 A 66-year-old man with a subacute multi-system disorder and polyneuropathy
June 1999 A 22-year-old female with intraventricular mass
May 1999 A 16-year-old male with history of low grade astrocytoma
April 1999 A 44-year-old man with a bleeding intracerebral tumour
March 1999 A 26-year-old male with a history of AIDS
February 1999 A 54-year-old man with severe muscle weakness
January 1999 Fetus with echogenic mass in third ventricle
December 1998 A 16-year-old female with headaches, lethargy and a sellar/suprasellar mass
November 1998 A 70-year-old woman with SLE, paraproteinemia and polyneuropathy
October 1998 A 61-year–old male with brain tumor and oral, lung, and palpebral masses
September 1998 An 18-year-old male with large cystic orbital tumor
August 1998 A 45-year-old man with headache, ataxia, and impairment of the state of balance
July 1998 A 21-year-old man with new-onset seizures and a temporal lobe mass
June 1998 A 2-year-old boy with lumbosacral mass
May 1998 A 36-year-old male with HIV infection and multiple cranial neuritis
April 1998 A 30-year-old male with various sensory abnormalities
March 1998 A 42-year-old male with back pain, progressive right leg weakness and bilateral lower leg numbness
February 1998 An 82-year-old Caucasian male with progressive visual deficits
January 1998 A 43-year-old Caucasian male with progressive right lower extremity radicular pain
December 1997 48-year-old woman with chronic myalgias after exercise
November 1997 Dura based occipital mass in a 41-year-old female
October 1997 19-year-old male with frontal lobe tumor
September 1997 26-year-old woman with new onset siezures
August 1997 13-year–old girl with progressive movement disorder
July 1997 Diabetic Male with Transient Ischemic Attacks
October 2005 A 48 year old male with sudden onset of right sided weakness
September 2005 A 43 year old woman with a temporal mass
August 2005 A 45 year old male with symptomatic mass in the frontal lobe
July 2005 A 21-year-old female with a third ventricular tumor
June 2005 A 62-year old man with chronic pyothorax
May 2005 A 71 year old male with 4 decades of symptoms referable to both central and peripheral nervous system
April 2005 Woman aged 24 years with fourth ventricular mass
March 2005 A 15-year-old female with progressive myelopathy
February 2005 A 10-month-old boy with a large pineal tumor
January 2005 A 7-year-old boy with midline cerebella mass
December 2004 A one-year-old girl with an aggressive skull tumor
November 2004 Intradural mass of the cauda equina in a woman in her early-60s
October 2004 A man in his late-40s with progressive dementia
September 2004 Young girl with headache and stiff neck
August 2004 A man in his mid-60s with intermittent paresthesia of the abdomen and legs
July 2004 A man in his 40s with headaches and dyspnea
June 2004 A male in his late 60s with recurrent extracerebral tumor
May 2004 Newborn with intracranial mass
April 2004 A woman in her 50s with a cervical intra- and extraspinal mass lesion
March 2004 A 24-year-old woman with a one-year history of bifrontal headaches
February 2004 A 44-year-old man with a 2-year history of epistaxis
January 2004 A 74-year-old man with history of gastric carcinoma presented with partial-complex seizures
December 2003 A 70-year-old woman with a recurrent meningeal mass
November 2003 Neonatal female with congenital brain tumor
October 2003 A 59-year-old woman with sudden onset of diplopia
September 2003 A 79 year old woman with right frontal lobe mass
August 2003 A 47-year-old-woman with a 7-year-history of osteomalacia and hypophosphatemia
July 2003 A 63-year-old female with muscular atrophy
June 2003 A 33-year-old male with a long history of epilepsy
May 2003 A 57-year-old woman with slurred speech
April 2003 A 55-year-old diabetic male with progressive loss of sensitivity
March 2003 A 41-year-old woman with a solitary lesion in the liver
February 2003 A 53-year-old male with new onset seizures
January 2003 A 56-year-old woman with right frontal tumor of the dura
December 2002 A 19-year-old male with febrile illness after jet ski accident
November 2002 A 72-year-old woman with a pineal gland mass
October 2002 A 27-year-old female with epilepsy
September 2002 A 24-year-old female with a parieto-occipital tumor
August 2002 A 21-year-old male with cystic intracerebral tumor
July 2002 A 66-year-old female with a one-year history of progressive left proptosis
June 2002 A 57-year-old male with leptomeningeal and liver tumors
May 2002 A 38-year-old man and 69-year-old woman with dural based masses
April 2002 A 35-year-old healthy man with enlarging right parotid mass
March 2002 A 28-year-old woman with neck and back pain
February 2002 A 29-year-old woman with a skull mass for two months
January 2002 A 59-year-old woman with an intrasellar lesion
December 2001 Rapidly progressive motor weakness, starting in pregnancy
November 2001 A 67-year-old man in coma requiring prolonged mechanical ventilation
October 2001 A 40-year-old Xhosa male with back pain and leg weakness
September 2001 A 51-year-old man with seizures since childhood
June 2008 (#2)55 year-old man with a paraspinal mass
June 2008 (#1)50 year-old woman with pigmented tumor of the 4th ventricle
May 2008 (#2)Recurrent cerebellar lesion in a young boy
May 2008 (#1)59 year-old male with pan-hypopituitarism
April 2008 (#2)Neonate with occipital scalp defect
April 2008 (#1)50 year-old man with Burkitt lymphoma
March 2008 (#2)2 year-old girls with right leg weakness
March 2008 (#1)44 year-old man with abnormal gait
February 2008 (#2)70 year-old man with enlarged pineal gland
February 2008 (#1)8 year-old child with lesion in the lentiform nucleus
January 2008 (#2)23 year old Hispanic male with new onset seizures
January 2008 (#1)67 year-old male with progressive paraparesis
December 2007 (#2)56 year old male with left sided weakness
December 2007 (#1)51 year old female with double vision
November 2007 (#2)53 year old male with rapid cognitive decline
November 2007 (#1)An 80 year-old male with a ring-enhancing right basal ganglia lesion
October 2007 (#2)61 year old man with hyponatremia
October 2007 (#1)72 year old woman with right frontal mass
September 2007 (#2)35 year old woman with intrasellar and suprasellar lesion
September 2007 (#1)21 month old child with acute spastic paraparesis
August 2007 (#2)40 year old woman with a progressive periventricular white matter lesion
August 2007 (#1)47 year old woman with a clival mass
July 2007 (#2)49 year-old female with history of head trauma
July 2007 (#1)43 year-old Chinese man with retro-orbital mass
June 2007 (#2)A 55 year-old man with liver failure, delirium and seizures
June 2007 (#1)Leg weakness after liver transplant
May 2007 (#2)15 year-old girl with cystic tumor
May 2007 (#1)63 year-old man with dementia, ataxia and VI nerve palsy
April 2007 (#2)A 12-year-old girl with seizures and dementia
April 2007 (#1)A 57-year-old man with a dural-based parietal lobe tumor
March 2007 (#2)40 year old male with history of brain tumor 10 years ago
March 2007 (#1)66 year-old male with spinal mass at autopsy
February 2007 (#2)30-year-old man with tuberous sclerosis
February 2007 (#1)35-year-old woman with dural-based mass
January 2007 (#2) 76 year-old woman with recent bladder cancer and new brain lesion
January 2007 (#1) 27 year-old female with cranial nerve dysfunction
December 2006 37 year-old pregnant woman with new onset seizures.
November 2006 A 39-year-old man with new onset seizures
October 2006 A 37-year old male with headache
September 2006 A 42 year old man with a densely vascular spinal mass
August 2006 A 64 year-old woman with dementia and leukoencephalopathy
July 2006 A man in his mid-70’s with a sellar mass
June 2006 An 80-year-old female with neuropsychiatric changes
May 2006 A 57-year-old female with a benign tumor in the ethmoid sinus
April 2006 A 4-year-old girl with mass in the frontotemporal bone
March 2006 A 21-year-old female with a cystic brain lesion
February 2006 A 49-year-old man with neuropsychiatric symptoms followed by progressive cognitive decline
January 2006 A 70 year-old man with extrapyramidal symptoms, dementia and hemosiderosis
December 2005 A 19-year-old male with generalized seizures, unconsciousness and a deviation of gaze
November 2005 A 35-year-old woman with progressive bilateral leg weakness
February 2011 57 year old woman with recurrent nausea and vomiting
January 2011 16 month old girl with fever, hypoxia and seizures
December 2010 47 year old man with lower extremity weakness
November 2010 56 year old woman with headache
October 2010 46 year old man with lower extremity tingling
September 2010 A 3 year-old girl with altered mental status, gait difficulty and vomiting.
August 2010 17 year-old girl with headache and complex partial seizure
July 2010 A 54 year-old woman with a lesion compressing the medulla
June 2010 Posterior fossa lesion 45 years after ocular trauma
May 2010 35 year-old man with falcine tumor
April 2010 81 year-old male with confusion and weakness
March 2010 24 year-old male with headaches
February 2010 20 year-old lady with a paraspinal mass
January 2010 12 year-old boy with multiple brain masses
December 2009 (#2)A 10-year old girl with neck pain
December 2009 (#1)A 45-year-old male with left-sided Hemihypesthesia
November 2009 (#2)A 41 year-old woman with von Hippel-Lindau and a Cerebellar Lesion
November 2009 (#1)A 76 year-old woman with paraplegia
October 2009 (#2)A 25 year-old woman with a mass in the Hippocampus
October 2009 (#1)A 61 year-old woman with Osteomalacia and a Thoracic Spine Lesion
September 2009 (#2)A 61 year-old man with wide-based gait
September 2009 (#1)A 6 year-old with an extra-axial mass
August 2009 (#2)35 year-old HIV-positive woman with brain lesion
August 2009 (#1)A 7 year-old boy with acute encephalopathy
July 2009 (#2)59 year-old female with suprasellar mass
July 2009 (#1)A 9 year-old female with progressive weakness
June 2009 (#2)A 58 year old woman with a corpus callosum nodule at autopsy
June 2009 (#1)A 47 year-old male with a cerebellopontine angle tumor
May 2009 (#2)22 year-old man with intracranial hypertension
May 2009 (#1)76 year old man with cognitive and neurological symptoms
April 2009 (#2)22 year-old woman with status epilepticus
April 2009 (#1)6 year-old girl with hydrocephalus
March 2009 (#2)46 year-old female with 5 month history of numbness in her toes
March 2009 (#1)69 year-old man with left hemispheric necrotizing mass lesion
February 2009 (#2)64 year-old man with atypical cerebral lesions
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