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8th International Congress of Neuropathology 1978


24th – 28th September 1978
Shoreham-Americana Hotel
Washington, DC

‘Because of its specific concern with the diseases of the nervous system, neuropathology is a science of immediate and urgent importance to mankind. The attainment of new knowledge in all of the neurosciences has accelerated tremendously in recent years, and I am confident that we are on the threshold of a series of major medical breakthroughs in the diagnosis and treatment of nervous system diseases. I applaud the worldwide cooperation in evidence at these sessions, and I hope your deliberations will stimulate dramatic advances in this vital area.’

– from President Jimmy Carter’s letter to the ISN, 15 August 1978


Symposium titles:


Documents from the ISN Archive:

Congress officers

Letter from US President Jimmy Carter

Greetings from Washington DC’s Mayor

VIIIth ICN Tentative Programme part 1

VIIIth ICN Tentative Programme part 2

Highlighted photos:

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