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The International Society welcomes membership of any person (pathologist, clinician, scientist, veterinarian) who has a significant interest in neuropathology. Since the Society journal  became open access individual membership is no longer offered and membership is  via a national neuropathological society. Over 30 countries have a national neuropathological society, association or club and members of these national bodies automatically become members of the ISN.

Information is disseminated through the national societies, each of which is also responsible for payment of the membership subscriptions to the International Society.

Each national society is entitled to elect Councillor(s) to act as their representative(s) on the International Council, the number of councillors being proportional to the number of members in that society. Persons interested in joining a national neuropathological society should contact that society directly.

Members may login to the website using the link below, but will need to obtain an invitation code from their ISN delegate or the Secretary. This will give access to minutes of recent ISN meetings.

The names of secretaries of the national bodies are published in  Brain Pathology, the official journal of the International Society in the Society News section.

For more information please contact the ISN Secretary General for information:

Information about congresses and other activities of the ISN is published in the Journal and on the website.

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