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Muscle Disease

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

This completely revised edition of the ISN book, Muscle Disease, Pathology and Genetics is available at Wiley. The book has been carefully edited by Has Goebel, Caroline Sewery and Roy Weller.

Written by more than 60 international experts in the field, Muscle Disease embodies the explosion of new concepts and information on the pathology and genetics of muscle disease that has occurred in recent years.

In order to accommodate the new complex principles involved, the book is organized around the motor unit and the inherited disorders, in particular, are centred on the ultrastructure and organelles within the muscle fibre. In this way, the wide spectrum of muscle diseases, ranging from neurogenic and inflammatory disorders to those involving defects in a single gene, can be expressed in a logical sequence. For example, disorders that principally involve specific organelles or particular metabolic processes are grouped together, with sections on disorders of the sarcolemma, mitochondria, myofibrils, glycogen and lipid metabolism, etc. Firm reference to clinical aspects and classification of muscle diseases has been maintained throughout the book with an initial clinical overview and with specific clinical sections in each chapter. For ease of navigation through the complex variety of muscle diseases, each chapter has been organized in a standard pattern that allows the reader to easily locate information on individual disease entities in different chapters.

The book is available both in hardback and as an ebook.


ISBN 978-0-470-67205-1

Cost£185, €239 and US309.95

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