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New edition of ‘Muscle Disease’ now available

Muscle book

The new and completely revised edition of the ISN book, Muscle Disease, Pathology and Genetics is now available at Wiley. The book has been carefully edited by Has Goebel, Caroline Sewery and Roy Weller.


Latest copy of Society News

Here is the news and list of National Societies as published in Brain Pathology.


XVIIIth International Congress of Neuropathology – registration now open!

Rio image

The XVIIIth International Congress of Neuropathology will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the first time ever in Latin America, on 14-18 September 2014.


New edition of ‘Neurodegeneration’ now available!

Neurodegeneration (2nd Edition)

A completely updated second edition of this popular book will be available shorty. The volume has been edited by Roy Weller and Dennis Dickson and has been completely revised, and includes new chapters on FUS and TDP-43 related disorders, hereditary ferritinopathies and protease-sensitive prionopathies.


About the ISN

View the mission statement and constitution of the Society. Also, meet the officers, and learn about the history and goals of the Society.

Cases of the Month

Every issue of Brain Pathology features a selection of Cases of the Month – these are cases that are of greater than normal clinical interest, have unusual symptoms and/or diagnostic findings, or involve rare diseases or conditions. They are collected and edited by Ronald L Hamilton, MD, Department of Pathology at the University of Pittsburgh and the full version of the cases can be found here.


The International Society welcomes membership of any person (pathologist, clinician, scientist, veterinarian) who has a significant interest in Neuropathology. There is both corporate membership and individual membership. Find out more here.


The International Society of Neuropathology produces the journals Brain Pathology in partnership with the publishers, Wiley. In addition it has published a series of up to date books covering the pathology and genetics of Cerebrovascular Diseases, Developmental Neuropathology, Neurodegeneration and Skeletal Muscle Diseases. Full details of each of these publications, how to subscribe and contribute them is available in this section.