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List of Congressess of Neuropathology

Updated: 6 days ago

The International Committee of Neuropathology, founded in 1950, was re-formed in Copenhagen in 1967 as the International Society of Neuropathology, a non-profit making scientific organisation.


1st Rome8-13 September1952

2nd London12-17 September1955

3rd Brussels21-28 July1957

4th Münich2-8 September1961

5th Zürich30 August-3 September1965

6th Paris31 August-4 September1970

7th Budapest1-7 September1974]

8th Washington24-29 September1978

9th Vienna5-10 September1982

10th Stockholm7-12 September1986

11th Kyoto2-8 September1990

12th Toronto18-23 September1994

13th Perth7-12 September1997

14th Birmingham3-6 September2000

15th Torino14-18 September2003

16th San Francisco10-15 September2006

17th Salzburg11-15 September2010

18th Rio de Janeiro14-18 September2014

19th Tokyo23-27 September2018

20th Berlin12-16 September 2023

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